A Guide to WaInsight Gratis

Get an urban insight!

Our search parameters allow you to find out anything and everything about the places in which you wish to live, build, buy, hang out or home-make. Our data sources allow you grasp the economic, social, infrastructural, historical, and even the future – at any scale, and help you deploy this knowledge in the search for your ideal location. Whatever your use case, you can use our data can for your specific needs.

Find out how a chosen area fares in over 200 different metrics, whether it be crime or conservation areas, hotels or healthcare, and compare it to others, near or far. You can also discover where might suit you based on desired criteria. If you’d like clean air but good transport links; high footfall but in a quiet Victorian suburb; the greenery of Orpington with the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street and the history of the Old Kent Road, WaInsight will find it. You can even see how your chosen area might change in any given metric over the next few years with our prediction engine.

Not only does our platform afford you access to fascinating expert data, above all it makes your life easier. There’s nothing quite as daunting as making a decision with potentially dramatic impacts on your life, and there are few more substantial than changing where it is you live. So, let WaInsight do the heavy lifting for you to make these changes an exciting experience of discovery.

Compare the data

With our ‘High Low’ feature you can discover much more than just the raw numbers. Perhaps the postcode you are keen on relocating to has a level of pollution higher than the London average. Is this just to be expected in Central London or is it something unique to this neighbourhood? Using this feature you can discover the five London postcodes which perform best and worst in the measures that matter to you. It might include a local area you’d dismissed, or it may even bring to your attention a part of London you’d not previously considered. Insight Consumption mode will even offer you a ‘heat map’ so you can see at a glance how the data values vary across surrounding postcodes.

Have you found somewhere that looks the part but now you’ve seen the areas in which it is a star or poor performer you’re wondering if another area may better suit your needs? Well, we’ve also developed our Visual Comparison mode which allows you to peruse areas that look like the postcode you’ve inputted, which we developed with our proprietary machine learning image software. Big fan of Victorian houses next to parks but convinced they’re only available in the priciest of postcodes? Our Visual Comparison mode will illuminate some new options for you.

Search for properties

If you’re looking for a property to buy or rent, develop or do up, WaInsight is a one stop shop for finding your ideal place.

Having input your postcode of interest and the qualities that matter to you, be they green space, period buildings or high density, you’ll be shown a selection of properties in the postcode of your choice. What’s more, at the touch of a button we can contact the relevant agent for you should you wish to find out more.

Learn about what matters

Most of London is a mystery to us unless we have had a reason to spend time there, but within our unique area guides, our experts in culture, architecture, and public services have penned an overview of every single neighbourhood in and around London. You may have seen town or borough guides, but one of our driving forces is how uniquely varied London and its surrounding boroughs are from street to street. As such we thought that only a guide for every single postal sector will do. We can therefore leave you as informed as you deserve to be.

On top of that, you can find Why it Matters Guides which demonstrate why we have captured certain unique qualities of London and its surrounds. It’s obvious why you might care about access to green space or air quality, but perhaps less obvious are the various knock-on effects of having a high proportion of students/faculty members in your postcodes of interest, or the cumulative impact of nightlife. These guides ultimately show why a certain metric will matter to you!

See what others think

If you’re interested in seeing what people say about their neighbourhood, our reviews section allows property professionals to post information about the area. To find out more, ask some specifics, or perhaps even suggest your own additions, you can click to contact them directly.

Chat with an agent

If you discover a site or property that you like the look of, we can link you with the relevant agent in just a couple of clicks!

Log your searches

Our Search Logging function means you’ll never lose any of your search sessions. You can return to any of your past sessions at just the click of a button!

Ask us for help!

We have numerous ways of helping you navigate our rather comprehensive platform. These include onboarding tips as you go, videos, and FAQ guides which will provide you with all the knowhow needed to fully utilise the range of WaInsight features for your subscription.

We also love hearing from you, so any requests for help or suggestions for changes can be submitted through our feedback form!