A Guide to WaInsight Pro

Get an urban insight!

Our search parameters allow you to find out anything and everything about the places in which you wish to live, build, buy, hang out or home-make. Our data sources allow you grasp the economic, social, infrastructural, historical, and even the future – at any scale, and help you deploy this knowledge in the search for your ideal location. Whatever your use case, you can use our data can for your specific needs.

Find out how a chosen area fares in over 200 different metrics, whether it be crime or conservation areas, hotels or healthcare, and compare it to others, near or far. You can also discover where might suit you based on desired criteria. If you’d like clean air but good transport links; high footfall but in a quiet Victorian suburb; the greenery of Orpington with the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street and the history of the Old Kent Road, WaInsight will find it. You can even see how your chosen area might change in any given metric over the next few years with our prediction engine.

Not only does our platform afford you access to fascinating expert data, above all it makes your life easier. There’s nothing quite as daunting as making a decision with potentially dramatic impacts on your life, and there are few more substantial than changing where it is you live. So, let WaInsight do the heavy lifting for you to make these changes an exciting experience of discovery.

What’s more, our paid platform provides specialised solutions for all corners of the real estate sector!

If you are you a property developer comparing sites for development, our tools can provide:

  • every historic planning policy for a given postcode in and around London at the touch of a button, saving you potentially weeks and months in waiting for consultants to source these from Local Authorities and perform their analysis;
  • quantitative and qualitative data for each postcode in and around the city to enable you to pre-filter prospective sites, enabling a more cost and time efficient first sift so that you don’t waste precious time and fees on aborted sites.

If you are a real estate agent keen to lock in those precious prospects you can have access to hundreds of granular, postcode-specific insights from hyper-local demography to noise levels, probability of getting a seat on the tube, listed buildings, access to open space, average property value for space, house price volatility, local area walkability, advertised and sold price differentials, and much much more. You can cherry-pick these insights to help inform clients and therefore compress their decision-making time, taking the transaction from an emotive decision to a data-driven one. Not only will this differentiate yourself from the crowd but it will decrease aborted transactions.

If you are asset managers/investors you understand that location and access are the key determinants of projected property values. Through the many metrics in our search parameters you can understand the risk profile of the postcode you are investing in without expending exorbitant fees.

Compare the data

With our ‘High Low’ feature you can discover much more than just the raw numbers. Perhaps the postcode you are keen on relocating to has a level of pollution higher than the London average. Is this just to be expected in Central London or is it something unique to this neighbourhood? Using this feature you can discover the five London postcodes which perform best and worst in the measures that matter to you. It might include a local area you’d dismissed, or it may even bring to your attention a part of London you’d not previously considered. Insight Consumption mode will even offer you a ‘heat map’ so you can see at a glance how the data values vary across surrounding postcodes.

Have you found somewhere that looks the part but now you’ve seen the areas in which it is a star or poor performer you’re wondering if another area may better suit your needs? Well, we’ve also developed our Visual Comparison mode which allows you to peruse areas that look like the postcode you’ve inputted, which we developed with our proprietary machine learning image software. Big fan of Victorian houses next to parks but convinced they’re only available in the priciest of postcodes? Our Visual Comparison mode will illuminate some new options for you.

Learn about what matters

Are you unclear about why you would be interested in some metrics but not others? Knowing the average rental prices for different types of housing in every postcode may be a no brainer, but understanding why the impacts of more nightlife in a given postcode matter are perhaps less obvious. Our Why it Matters Guides provide expert analysis for why our metrics are important for property professionals, with both consumer and commercial perspectives captured.

Through your personal experiences, research, and professional analysis you’ll also will be familiar with the standout qualities of a number of areas of London, but do you have access to a library of summaries for every single postcode in London? We do! Our experts in culture, architecture, and public services have penned an overview of every single London postcode, and can summarise the qualitative and quantitative features that stand out in each corner of the city, as well as a neighbourhood’s character and local vernacular.

Give your opinion, and see what others think

As property professionals, you can access opinions on broad areas, but what we offer is a compendium of analysis about each postal sector, both in verbal and written form. Our reviews digest the value propositions and qualitative and quantitative aspects of every small neighbourhood in our areas of concern, ultimately providing the opinions of industry professionals which can all be found in one easy to navigate place.

If you wish for further colour you can simply add your own local review via the Market Insights tab, and if you want to find out more about an existing review you can contact the professional who submitted the analysis directly.

Manipulate and compare your data

Once you’ve received the data from your selected metric, our filtering mode allows you to manipulate these findings. That is, if you wanted only to see the postcodes that fall between values X and Y in a certain metric you can - just toggle the parameter filters to refine your search results! You can add up to five parameters in total. This will reveal a complete list of all the postcodes across London which fall within your your chosen parameters. The unique dataset you create can be further analysed within the platform or downloaded for use externally.

What’s more, you can see how different measures and datasets, such as yield rate and cap rate, or residents’ access to greenery and blue space, compare side by side to really cement your understanding of the area’s value. With our comparison table function, this deep analysis is available with a few clicks.

WaInsight can also show you if other postcodes perform better or worse against these selected metrics. Perhaps an entire borough has a yield rate that falls within certain parameters, or in fact, are there a few postcodes you hadn’t considered where the value proposition alters? By clicking on this mode, a window will pop up showing you the average dataset’s score for the nearest 5, 10, 20, and 50 postcodes to the one selected.

See an area’s past, present and future!

Our History and Prediction mode allows you to look back into the past to see how an area’s rating has changed over time in regards to one of our urban data metrics, whether it be house prices or crime statistics.

We’ve also created a data-driven prediction algorithm which can let you see into the future by showing you how a postcode is likely to fare numerically over the coming years in any of our metrics, based on the trajectory of past and current data, as well as the predicted changes in related metrics.

Upload, analyse and compare your own data

What if you have existing property investments, potential development sites, or general areas of interest, and you wish to understand how these locations perform against our measures? You can upload your own dataset at the touch of a button, to compare a set of pre-selected areas, or to understand how potential or actual investments stack up against our proprietary measures, and indeed reappraise whether these postcodes represent the value you believed they did, today.

Advertise property, find buyers and stay ahead of the property game

Consumers who utilise WaInsight for its locational intelligence will be able to view property agents operating in postcodes of interest and contact them directly, either to express interest in a postcode in general, or to express interest in a specific property that that agent is listing. Agents can respond to them through our platform, and even annotate leads with their current status.

Property agents can scoop up prospects by uploading your current listings to our platform with ease and at no extra cost.

We will also alert you to your competitors’ new listings, and any changes in the status of those listings. All you need to do is provide us with their URLs to help you gain an advantage in the property market, and/or the prime development sites, depending on the sector of the Real Estate Market you operate within.

Keep track of your searches

The in-depth analysis which our platform allows you to conduct, either with our data or with your own date you’ve uploaded, will not be lost as you can save searches and export their findings using our ‘search logging’ feature. Within this feature you can even export multiple search results for comparison.

Share your findings

Wish to share your in-depth analysis of our data or your own without creating a file so large you have difficulty sharing it? Our report creation and dissemination feature will allow you to export it as an HTML page, which you can easily share by just copying and sending the corresponding URL.

Suggest improvements and ask us for help!

Is there a measure, or even a location we have not covered which would really unlock value creation for you? We are keen to hear our users’ suggestions which they can submit using our “Help and Feedback” mode. We are planning to expand our operations to other cities across the world. If you would like to make a suggestion about where our next city should be, then please fill in the feedback form. To access the feedback form, select the “Help and Feedback” mode (on the left-hand side).

We have numerous ways of helping you navigate our rather comprehensive platform. These include onboarding tips as you go, videos, and FAQ guides which will provide you with all the knowhow needed to really utilise the full range of WaInsight features for your subscription.