Rewards Policy


Here at Walulel we wish to reward loyalty whether you are a Property Professional, a buyer, a seller, a renter, or aspiring to be any of the aforementioned.

Potential Property Buyers, Sellers, and Renters

Could you make use of more information on the best area for you to live in so that you don’t spend the next six months or even more paying for a badly informed relocation?

Do you fancy your photographic skills and you’re a student of one of the colleges of the University of London?

We offer our premium product WaInsight Pro at a discount for students of the above-mentioned universities who:

  • take 20 photographs for us IN Greater London that meet the following criteria
    are of buildings that include residences;
  • are well lit;
  • capture buildings at their full height; AND most importantly
  • are captured whilst you have a working wi-fi connection so that the locational metadata of where the photograph was taken will be captured.

For more information please contact

Property Professionals

Are you a property professional who is already enjoying the valuable insights provided by WaInsight Pro? Share a sign-up link with a fellow professional and you’ll each receive 20% off an annual subscription charge for Walnsight Pro! For more information please contact us on